Aims & Objectives

RAEM aims to work for the specific purposes underlined:

  1. To conduct research & develop solutions in the areas namely Railway signaling. Telecom & Optical Fiber technology, RAMS, Rolling Stock, Rolling Stock, Traction, Air conditioning/ Tunnel Ventilation, Power Supply Systems, Electrical & Mechanical Services, Station design & Construction, Concrete Technology, Automatic fare collection system, Fare & Non-fare Box Revenue, Passenger Tariff, etc.
  2. To assign a contract research project, if any to be conducted at GBU for Indian Railways.
  3. To provide internships access for training in railways for the students pursuing then programs related to railways, metro rail, and allied programs.
  4. The key objectives of the center for Rapid and Alternative Energy Mobility are:
    • To run various programs of different durations in the discipline of metro rail engineering and management, and other verticals in the area of rapid and alternative energy mobility.
    • To undertake collaborative research in the area of rapid and alternative energy mobility.
    • To undertake contract research for the related organizations at Gautam Buddha University.
    • To conduct training programs for the executives and employees of NMRCL at GBU.
    • To allow reciprocal access for education training and research into each other's infrastructure equipment, R&D, and training facilities.
    • To develop industry consortium and conduct university-industry round tables by involving and invoking cooperation from various stack holders namely, Indian railways and hardware manufacturers.
    • The University proposes to run the following program from 2019-2020:

      • Diploma and Certificate courses in Railway Signaling, RAMS, Telecom.
      • M.Tech. Degree in Electronics and Communication with specialization in Railway signaling, Telecom, and RAMS.
      • University has started conducting various training workshops since 2018-2019 in the following areas:
        Railway Signaling

        1. The structure of the center with various verticals is given in Annexure 1 and the three-year roll-out plan of the center is given in Annexure 2.
        2. It will not be out of place to state that the university has access to the latest and the state of the art infrastructure for training for students and faculty members with NMRC and DMRC. The steering committee, joint consultative committee, and the Advisory board of the center will look after the functioning of the center. (Annexure 3)
        3. A Round Table conference was conducted at Gautam Buddha University on 12th Nov 2018, to understand the challenges faced by India in the area of rapid and alternate energy and mobility. Various issues were identified and the need of the center was felt to prepare India to meet the demand of technical workforce in the given area and to provide R&D infrastructure facilities to meet the challenges of the growing transportation industry in terms of mobility and energy requirements (annexure 4 minutes of the Round table meet)
Gautam Buddha University

Centre of Excellence for Rapid and Alternative Energy Mobility

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